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My Movies from 1981 ( 44 items )
24 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 4 hours ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1980 ( 36 items )
13 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 4 hours ago by kimsung44
No Description
Golden Oldies ( 24 items )
100 Views | No Rating | Created 20 hours ago by bebebruhhh
Classic movies that'll never fade with time
DC Cinematic Universe ( 4 items )
80 Views | No Rating | Created 20 hours ago by DKrop84
No Description
Sci Fy/Horror ( 14 items )
149 Views | No Rating | Created 22 hours ago by notatcreamfields
My 2 favourite genres of all time, most people overlook the syfy channel myself included because prior to 2010 the 2 ridiculous movies Sharknado 1-784 and Anaconda 1-2094 (literally) was on 2 week repeats. After discovering it again even cheapest shows reach 3-4 star ratings, my favourites for you to enjoy
little_poppet's holiday playlist ( 17 items )
104 Views | 3.7 / 5 | Created 1 day ago by little_poppet
good holiday emotions with none of the blame and hard feelings. :)
My all time favorite movies ( 72 items )
343 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 2 days ago by bigbeanz3000
Action, comedy, horror, suspense, etc.
30 days of halloween ( 201 items )
202 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 2 days ago by titlex4me
Excellent classic and new horror movies for people tired of watching crappy scary films. Great for Halloween, enjoy.
D.H. Lawrence ( 13 items )
257 Views | 2.6 / 5 | Created 3 days ago by gated
Films based on his works, documentaries, and docudramas about his life. ------ Missing films include: Odour of Chrysanthemums (2002), Sons and Lovers (1960), Kangaroo (1987), Priest of Love (1981), D.H. Lawrence’s You Touched Me (2015 & available on Vimeo), 6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia (2015), Rawdon's Roof (2014), The White Stocking (2014), Inside the Mind of Mr D.H.Lawrence (2013), The Blind Man (2011), La fidèle infidèle (1995), The Rainbow TV Mini-Series (1988– ), Coming Through (1985), Samson and Delilah (1985), Boy in the Bush TV Mini-Series (1984– ), The Horse Dealer's Daughter (1983), The Captain's Doll (1983), The Trespasser (1981), Masterpiece Theatre: Sons and Lovers TV Mini-Series (1981– ), Second Best (1972). -------- The Young Lady Chatterley films are only loosely based on the Lawrence story and are also softcore porn, apparently very good ones.
The Films That Made Me ( 28 items )
500 Views | No Rating | Created 5 days ago by VegasWalkinDude
These are the movies that have defined who I am as a creative being. They are my greatest influences, the ones that I can tell you precisely where I was and what I was doing when I first witnessed them. This list is a jumble of genres and quality. Doesn't matter. If I coukd tell a story of my life, these are my chapter headings.
Geology, Mining, Minerals, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Gemstones ( 39 items )
228 Views | 2.6 / 5 | Created 5 days ago by gated
There is a separate playlist about caves that includes info on geology. FIlms about social issues involved with mining like workers rights, environmental damage, and safety issues are not included. ------ My other playlists. -------
Top 20 Picks: September 2017 ( 20 items )
927 Views | 3.6 / 5 | Created 5 days ago by Rebel_J
Hope you had a September to remember, and got to enjoy a few of these movies...
Halloween 2017 ( 25 items )
506 Views | No Rating | Created 5 days ago by Polarmanda
Tattoo ( 30 items )
189 Views | 2.6 / 5 | Created 5 days ago by gated
Tattoo, tatau, ink, bodyart, whatever you want to call it. Documentaries and reality TV. Season 1 episode 6 of the Viceland series Rise includes a long segment on traditional Hawaiian tattoo. ------ My other playlists. -------
Poltergeist ( 5 items )
207 Views | No Rating | Created 6 days ago by VapingMarcy
No Description
Free Diving ( 9 items )
217 Views | 2.6 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by gated
Mostly about freediving but also some good films about scuba diving. ------ Missing films include: Heart of The Sea (2002), Variables (2013 & about Kimi Werner), Japanese Ama divers (2013 & on youtube), No Limits (2013 & on TopDocumentaryFilms), Diving Into the Unknown (2016). ------ My other playlists. -------
My Movies from 1979 ( 38 items )
319 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1978 ( 41 items )
233 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1977 ( 29 items )
201 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
Water ( 30 items )
129 Views | 2.6 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by gated
This playlist focuses on water scarcity brought about by destructive environmental, farming, and economics practices. It features films focused on the attempts of corporations to privatize the world's fresh waters supplies and the fight to define access to water as a human right. Globalization, predatory capitalism, environmental destruction, climate change, overpopulation and pollution all contribute to the increasing scarcity of clean fresh water. Also included are documentaries about bodies of water and about the science of water. ------- There is a separate playlist for films about the ocean. ------ Missing films include: Colorado River: Running Near Empty (Yale E360) (2011), Thirst (2004), The Water Front (2007), Liquid Assets: The Big Business of Water (CNBC) (2010), Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water (PBS affiliate, KTEH-TV) (1996), The Story of Bottled Water (2010), A Thirsty World (2012), A Drop of Life (2007), A Journey in the History of Water (1997 & four episodes), The Future of Water / A Journey in the Future of Water (2007 & 3 episodes), The Nile Quest (2014 & 3 episodes), the last 3 films series based on the work of Terje Tvedt, Dead in the Water (2006 directed by Neil Docherty & produced by the CBC), Drying Up Palestine (2007), Holy Hindon Or Dirty Drain (2007), Give Us Water Or Grant Us Death (2006), Go Ganges! (2012), Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure (2008 produced by Penn State), Liquid City (2007 about Mumbai & part of a research project funded by the Art & Humanities Research Council), Liquidity:The Value of Wetlands (201?), One Water (2008), Orange Farm Water Crisis (200?), Panihari: The Water Women of India (2004), Water / Pani (2004 Director: Sushma Joshi), Poisoned Waters (2009)(Frontline), Reclaiming Water ------- Some of these films can bee seen online on Youtube, Vimeo, TopDocumentaryFilms, and CultrureUnplugged. -------- Some good resource include: . My other playlists. -------
Science and Invention ( 66 items )
200 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by gated
The history of science and technology and documentaries on current discoveries. Also biographies and biographical dramas about scientists and inventors. ------- Scientific advances related to astronomy, cosmology, and space exploration have a separate playlist. The history of computers and the Internet have its own separate playlist. ------- Missing films include: The Chemistry of Almost Everything (2009), Light Fantastic (2004), The Strange World of Nanoscience (2010), What is the Higgs Boson? (2011), Strange Matters (2015), Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (1981), Cracking the Colour Code (2009) . ------ My other playlists. -------
My Movies from 1976 ( 34 items )
161 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1975 ( 27 items )
176 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1974 ( 18 items )
198 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
Math ( 13 items )
114 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by gated
Documentaries about math as well as biographies and biographical dramas about mathematicians. ------ Missing films include: N Is a Number (1993), A Hill on the Dark Side of the Moon (1983), Ramanujan (2014), Sofia Kovalevskaya (1985) . ------ My other playlists. -------
My Movies from 1973 ( 28 items )
145 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1972 ( 20 items )
127 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1971 ( 21 items )
137 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 6 days ago by kimsung44
No Description
My Movies from 1970 ( 18 items )
118 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by kimsung44
No Description
Globalization & Destructive Capitalism ( 49 items )
172 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
This playlist focuses on globalization, The IMF, The World Bank, The World Trade Organization, economic inequality, imposed austerity measures, and the forced privatization of public resources. ------- If you are looking for films on the new world order, the illuminati, infowars nonsense, or other tinfoil hat wearing fantasies this is not the place for you. These are films about real predatory economic practices undertaken by corporations, the financial sector, and the politicians and organizations that they fund. These are not mysterious global conspiracies perpetrated by some shadowy elite. These are simply wealthy people attempting to maintain the status quo and/or get even wealthier regardless of the disastrous consequences for the environment and the general human population that their actions and policies create. ------- There is a separate playlist for climate change, its causes and its possible solutions, a separate playlist for critiques of US government policies, a separate playlist about modern Chinese history, a separate playlist about the oceans, a separate playlist about the information age, and a separate playlist about nature documentaries, which will contain many related films. ------ A separate playlist for documentaries on social issues contains many related films and several of the same films. -------- A quick word about the Money as Debt films, Money Masters, and Secret of OZ and other similar films. These films to a greater or lesser extent get into tinfoil hat wearing territory. They make good points but they also sometimes distort facts. A system based on issuing debt to create new money does not have to be as disastrous as the one we currently have. Outlawing financial speculations such as shorting stocks and various financial products not tied to production, requiring a minimum of time between the buying and selling of a stocks and bonds and other financial products so as to preclude superfast computer based algorithmic micro trading, separating banking from financial speculation such as reinstating the glass steagall act, requiring all financial advisors and institutions by law to pursue the best interests of their clients, bringing central banks under some forms of regulation designed to prevent them from being captured by the influence of financial elites, ensuring the objectivity of credit rating and stock rating agencies by insulating them from the influences of clients and wealthy interests, raising the amount of capital required to be held in reserve by banks, better regulating the process of foreclosure, strengthening consumer protection agencies, reducing the limited liability of corporations and those who work in them from prosecutions and suits, and preventing for profit corporations from spending any money on politics and radical campaign finance reform would all potentially greatly reduce economic inequalities, recessions, depressions, and predatory economic practices. Which is not to say there there couldn't be another and better monetary system. The Money as Debt films are interesting for their exploration of this topic alone. ------- Missing films include: China Blue (2005), Mardi Gras: Made in China (2005), Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night (2005), Bombay Calling (2006), Squeezed (2007), 30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle 2000 (2000), American Jobs (2005), Artesanos (2011), The Commanding Heights (2002), Decadence (2006), El Ejido, la loi du profit (2006), Encirclement (2008), Let It Be (2004), Merci patron! (2016), Song from the Forest (2013), Terrorists: The Kids They Sentenced (2003), Death by Design (2016), Complicit (2017), Inside Foxconn (2015), The Cup (1999), Our Friends at the Bank (1998), Thirst (PBS) (2004?), -------- Some of these films can be seen elsewhere online. Many are on youtube along with other good videos such as this one . ------- My other playlists. -------
Christian movies ( 3 items )
239 Views | 1.5 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by keyangel
No Description
Babylon 5 ( 8 items )
167 Views | No Rating | Created 1 week ago by VicLynGun
No Description
Mumblegore ( 36 items )
255 Views | 2.8 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
Mumblegore is the horror subgenre of the mumblecore film genre. See my mumblecore playlist for a description of the genre. -------- The list starts with You're Next (2011) which is the most successful and recognizable film in the genre and then goes by release date (mostly). -------- These films have had a higher commercial success rate overall than original mumblecore films (pre 2010) have had. That is not surprising as many of the early films were experimental and horror is easier to sell. The post mumblecore films have likewise had more commercial success. -------- After you have seen You're Next I would suggest starting with the films The House of the Devil,The Invitation, and The Guest as films most people will enjoy. Alfred Hitchcock made a film based off of the same story as The Guest. ------- The most mumblecore like mumblegore films on here include Bagheads, Popskull (also the most unique film), and Silver Bullets. ------- Missing films include: What Fun We Were Having (2011). -------- My other playlists. -------
Vampires Playlist ( 109 items )
449 Views | 2.5 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by chibifan7
Ah one of my favorite Subjects of Horror, Vampires! this list will likely be ever growing and some of the of the movies will also include werewolves like underworld but i think they still belong here :) as always if you think something belongs on this list please post it in the comments.
Mumblecore Adjacent & Precursors ( 79 items )
185 Views | 3.5 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
See my Mumblecore playlist for a definition of the genre. Mumblecore adjacent films are films that are not strictly mumblecore films but have been greatly influenced by and taken elements from the mumblecore genre. ------ Films made before 2002 are films viewed as the precursors of mumblecore. ------ The "Before...." film trilogy started with the 1995 Before Sunrise which is often cited as an influence on mumblecore as is its director Richard Linklater. The later two films are arguably influenced by mumblecore in turn. -------- At this point the mumblecore genre has had a wide influence in film and TV and would be impractical to list every work that has been effected. These films are the most heavily influenced or derivative or were the most heavily influential in the genre's development. ------ Some missing films include: Flannel Pajamas (2006), Slackistan (2010), Douchebag (2010), Be Good (2012), I Want Your Love (2012), Sabbatical (2014), Intimate Semaphores (2014), As It Is In Heaven (2014), Wild Canaries (2014), Meet Me in Montenegro (2015), Funny Bunny (2015), Almost a Weekend (2015), and New Cops (2016). My other playlists. -------
Mumblecore & Post Mumblecore ( 85 items )
141 Views | 2.8 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
Mumblecore is a subgenre of independent film characterized by naturalistic acting and dialogue (often improvised), low-budget film production, an emphasis on dialogue over plot, and a focus on the personal relationships of people in their 20s and 30s. ------- Mumblecore influences go back to the french new wave cinema (especially Eric Rohmer), include american new wave, Woody Allen, John Cassavetes, other directors, various documentary films, and extend all the way forward to reality TV. -------- The list starts with Funny Ha Ha because it is generally considered to be the first strictly mumblecore film. Then I try to put the best and most essential films at the top of the list (several great films like Tiger Tail in Blue ended up low on the list). ------ Frownland (2007) is as much, or more, a reaction to mumblecore than it is actually mumblecore. ----- Everything down to The Pleasure of Being Robbed (2008) is likely to appear on many people's "best of" mumblecore lists (some of the more recent films lower in the list are just as good). ------- There are several horror films included, which are typically referred to as mumblegore. I have only included the best and the most mumblecore like mumblegore films as many of the films that get the mumblegore label are films influenced by the genre rather than being essentially part of it. -------- Some notable missing films include: The Utopian Society (2003), The Hole Story (2005), Quietly on By (2005), Mutual Appreciation (2005), Hamilton (2006), Orphans (2007), Team Picture (2007), Hohokam (2007), Luke and Brie Are on a First Date (2008), Present Company (2008), Creative Nonfiction (2009), The Mountain, the River and the Road (2009), Audrey The Trainwreck (2010), Passenger Pigeons (2010), New Low (2010), Everyone Says I Look Just Like Her (2010), Art History (2011), No Matter What (2011), The Zone (2011), Autoerotic (2011), Bad Fever (2012) Open Five 2 (2012), I Love You, Apple, I Love You, Orange (2013), Sulemani Keeda (2014), and Midnight Delight (2016). My other playlists. -------
The Dingo Ate My Baby! ( 64 items )
228 Views | 3 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
Throw another shrimp on the barbie and watch this playlist of iconic Australian films and TV. Films made in Australia and films about Australia. Documentaries have got their own list mate. Missing films include: Hunt Angels (2006), Call Me Mum (2006), My other playlists. -------
Australia ( 67 items )
207 Views | 3.4 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by gated
G'day, mate! This playlist is for Aussie history, documentaries, nature shows, and some reality TV. ------ Missing films include: Australian Bushland Symphony (1949/1952?), Outback Patrol (1952), The Queen in Australia (1954), The Back of Beyond (1954), The Edge of the Deep (1959), Protected (1975), The Last Tasmanian (1978), My Survival As An Aboriginal (1978), Couldn't Be Fairer (1984), Australia Daze (1988), Rats in the Ranks (1986), Bingo, Bridesmaids & Braces (1988), Cannibal Tours (1988), Billal (1996), Not Fourteen Again (1996), Whiteys Like Us (1999), Black Chicks Talking (2001), Waking Up the Nation (2002), Two Thirds Sky: Artists in Desert Country (2002), The Original Mermaid (2002), Life at the End of the Rainbow (2002), Rainbow Bird and Monster Man (2002) Making Venus (2002), Wildness (2003), Alone Across Australia (2004), Rash (2005), Welcome to Wonderland (2006), Hunt Angels (2006), Kanyini (2006), Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst (2006), The Last Trackers of the Outback (2007), The Thin Green Line (2007), Big Dreamers (2007), Beyond Our Ken (2008), In the Raw (2009), Fire Talker (2009), Into the Shadows (2009), Lanfranchi's Memorial Discotheque (2010), The Lives of Mount Druitt Youth (2010), Aussie Rules the World (2014), Prison Songs (2015), The Oasis (2008), Chasing Asylum (2016), Servant or Slave (2016), Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! (2016), and All for One (2017). ------ A good resource is ScreenAustralia. ------ My other playlists. -------
Hell ( 67 items )
376 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by chibifan7
Straight from the bowls of hell come Demons! sometimes they possess us sometimes they come in physical form. or sometimes the devil himself will show up. i've also decided to add a few angel films Like The prophecy and a few others, as they can get pretty dark.
Marvel Comics Playlist 4 Animated and Anime Movies and shows ( 63 items )
322 Views | 1 / 5 | Created 1 week ago by chibifan7
now for the 4th and final Marvel Comics playlist i give you all the Animated films, shows and the animes that were made. now initially i thought of separating certain things like for the films there are 8 that were all released by the same production company but they weren't all connected except for a few. in any case it was just overall much easier however if you think i should separate the shows from the movies voice your opinion and i'll consider it. other wise enjoy :)

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